As drivers around Wyoming and Holland know all too well, the winter months can be quite brutal, especially when it comes to driving conditions. That's why at Fox Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our service center in Grand Rapids specializes in the winterization of all sorts of vehicle makes and models. Simply put, if you plan on doing a lot of driving this holiday season, your vehicle must be ready to handle everything this winter has to throw at it.

The Importance of Winter Weather Prep

The snowfall that comes around Grand Haven and Grandville can be quite heavy, and when the temperature falls below freezing at night, you'll want to make sure your vehicle can not only start but have as much traction as possible. Reliability, visibility, and handling are the three most important pillars that a vehicle must meet when it comes to navigating winter weather on the road, and our team of factory-certified technicians can help you get there.

What Types of Winter Weather Prep You Should Get Done

At Fox Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we highly recommend getting your wipers, battery, and tires checked at a minimum. Our team can give these three key areas a comprehensive inspection to determine their integrity, and if anything needs replacing, we'll be completely upfront and transparent about your needs. In addition, our replacement parts are genuine Mopar brand, so anything we have to replace is sure to get a high-quality part that will give you optimal performance for a long time to come.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Winter Weather Prep Today

If you live around Rockford or Lowell, now is the perfect time to get your vehicle winterized. Contact us today or schedule your service appointment online at a time and date that fits your schedule. Being proactive always beats being reactive, especially when it comes to winter weather prep.

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